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Membership Application

Potential members should contact the club via the Website general enquiries. This will direct to the club secretary.

The membership application shall be completed online and submitted. This will then direct to the club secretary and treasurer. Upon acceptance and payment of fees due the applicant will become a member and is authorised access to the website members sections.

Each year the membership shall be renewed online by all members to ensure up to date details and agree any revised terms of membership.

Annual subscriptions are due on the anniversary of joining the club.

Privacy Policy

Sharing details with BC is a necessity so we have liability insurance and members can't join any club event without it, therefore this is a condition of membership.


Membership fees are agreed at the AGM and shall be updated each year following membership vote. The latest membership fees may be viewed here.

Funds are utilised for many activities within the club facilitation including:

  • Club equipment, kayaks etc maintenance and replacement
  • Administration and affiliation fees including BC registration, Web Hosting etc
  • Coaching support
    • PCC have a policy of financial support to coaching/leadership qualifications where it is deemed in the membership’s interest.
    • Hiring in of coaches to support specific development activities where this cannot be supported by the club members
  • An appropriate number of club boat licenses for those not licensed on the river
  • Other such expenditure as may be deemed appropriate by the committee
  • Location fees such as boat storage and lake access

Each year a balance sheet shall be compiled and circulated prior to the AGM detailing income and expenditure.

A budget shall be drafted detailing proposed expenditure for the forthcoming membership year detailing how membership funds are to be spent and reserves. Consideration will be given to:

  • Equipment purchase requirements
  • Equipment repairs
  • Affiliation fees
  • Pool hire
  • Lake hire
  • Coaching and training; and
  • Licenses etc.

Notes: British Canoeing (BC) memberships should be identified to ensure PCC retain the appropriate number of boat licenses and minimise BC affiliation costs.

It is requested that members ensure their details are up to date i.e. telephone numbers, awards gained, first aid etc. If any membership details change please notify either the Club Secretary of Treasurer.

The club encourages all members to hold British Canoeing membership once established in the sport. This provides significant guidance on development, events, insurance and river licenses.

Membership Profile

Utilising the online membership data, the committee will endeavor to do their best to profile data to allow tailoring of club activities to the needs and desires of its membership.

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