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The Committee

The committee are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April and is made up of voluntary members of the club. The committee's role is to run the club, from managing the membership and finances to arranging events and working out how we can improve and build on what we already have.

Below are is a list of the current committee members and a brief description of their role. More detailed information can be found in the club handbook.

If you are interested in helping to run the club, please do make yourself known as it's always nice to share the load!

Chairman - Jack

Jack is our illustrious leader. It is his responsibility to co-ordinate the business and general activities of the club.

Treasurer - Chris

Someone has to look after the booty! Chris look after the clubs funds - we promise that he doesn't simply hide it under an X.

Events - Sammy

Making sure we have events on the club calendar is Sammy's task. He ensure's all members are represented in the events we run and that we have adequate support on the water.

Welfare - Suzanne

With so many younger members, Suzanne ensures the club adheres to the requirements of child protection and welfare as set out by British Canoeing. 

Quartermaster - Jochen

Jochen looks after the club's fleet of boats and array of equipment at the pool and lake. If you need equipment for a trip, he will ensure you get what you need.

Secretary - Hannah

Hannah is the glue between members, the committee and outside agencies such as British Canoeing. She also ensures all the paperwork is up-to-date!

Pool - Pete

The pool is a vitally important part of the club and making sure we have coaches and supervisors on hand each week is part of Pete's role.

Junior - Nathan

Nathan provides the voice of youth, making sure the younger members of the club are represented in all of the decisions we make about how the club is run.

Media - Tony

Chances are you've had contact with Tony if you have joined the club or been on an event in the last year or two. Tony mans the emails and manages the website.

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